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Selling a Home with a Pet

If you’re a pet owner, you know the value that your fur-baby gives you. Many of us consider our four legged friends to truly be a part of the family.  But as a home seller, you may find this the one time that you find your furry guy or gal pal a bit of a hindrance.  Although many people are able to arrange to take them out during showings, so avoid barking and crating them, (definitely recommended for dogs, and possible cats, mostly depending on how worried you will be about them escaping.)there are the cleanliness issues that arise. I have had clients that are not willing to buy the home of a pet-owner, for fear of hidden germs and odors. Or, have gone to the extent of totally replacing ALL carpeting before moving in, even if it appeared to be clean and was stain free.
On the other hand, there has been a bit of a break through.  Because pet ownership has grown by the leaps and bounds, of a golden retriever.  (According to Realtor Magazine-Jan/Feb issue, 65% of households  are pet owners.)  After all, some folks sole purpose in buying a home, instead of renting is for pet ownership. For this reason, if you are a pet owner, it makes sense to focus on the positives of pet ownership.  For example, some builders are now adding pet rooms (also known as mud-rooms.)   Many communities have added dog parks, or enclosed leash-free run areas.  Should you be re-selling one of these homes, take full advantage of these benefits in marketing them.  (If you don’t have a realtor willing to work with you in promoting your pet-friendly home, you may want to find one that “gets it”.)

By the way, if you are buying or selling a home and need some pet odor clean up, there are affordable air treatments.  I have resources available.

By: Connie Bearfield

Connie Bearfield of True Dream Realty, dedicated friendly service, backed by years of caring experience.