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Here is a Great Custom Builder for your Lot

I wanted to share with you that I met with a custom builder the other day on behalf of a client, and boy was I impressed.  These people have it down, and their homes are very beautiful!
What I found to be especially attractive about this builder is that even though they are custom builders, they have built so many homes for so many people that they already have a HUGE VARIETY of floor plans to get you started thinking with your imagination.  Then, they often find that folks fall in love with one of them, (which saves you lots of money).  Then, as long as it makes sense structurally, they will tweak this and that, add and subtract any number of details and the n…BAM!  You’ve got exactly the house that you want down to the exact shower faucet that you want.
These customized homes can be built on your own lot, even if it’s some over-grown piece of land that you inherited from Great Grandma and Grandpa, or hand- picked for the view.  Many things have to be considered, the slope or grade of the yard, and how much it will cost to level it, or build on it at that slope, or to determine if it can even be built on that land. Is it a cleared lot?  Does it have the utility infrastructure, or does it need to have all of that added to the lot? Do you want natural gas?  How far deep into the lot can you afford to go with a reinforced driveway?  The questions go on and on, and I guarantee you that the builder will help you to think of other very important things that have not even crossed your mind.
Even more, this builder has agreed to work with me in helping to find the perfect lot for the home that my clients want to build.  I feel like this is very much a win-win situation and this is very much a winning builder.
I would love to introduce you to this lovely builder!  They are very reputable, reliable and great communicators.  As with every other seller, the builder pays the realtor commission, and it is illegal for the builder to offer less money for you to not use the realtor, so why wouldn’t you use somebody who is there for the sole purpose of looking out for you?  This is a consumer protection law there to protect you. Please, please take advantage of it.  There are MANY horror stories of builders out there taking the money and running, failing to meet several important deadlines, not meeting standards, failing to deliver, etc., etc.  My very best of wishes to anybody taking on the task of building a home.  It is quite an undertaking, and I am more than happy to help!

By: Connie Bearfield

Connie Bearfield of True Dream Realty, dedicated friendly service, backed by years of caring experience.