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How Much is a Home Worth?

The true answer to this question is, how much somebody would pay for it, today?  Or, in other words, what is the market value?   But how do you know what that number should be?  If you’re a buyer, you obviously want to pay the least possible.  If you’re a seller, you obviously want to get the most possible.  Either way, we will start by looking at the like homes in the same neighborhood that have sold in recent months.  This, of course is where a good negotiator comes in.  Communication with your realtor is key in developing a strategy.

You should understand that a home that sold in as little as several months ago may be at a lower or higher price today, depending on how volatile the market has been.  This is where I also tell you what the current trends have been.  How fast have homes been going in this neighborhood lately? How bad do you want to own it? How badly do you want to sell it?  What do you need to get for it?   What is your time frame?  Should we take it slow, or move fast? What strategy should we use in your situation?

By looking at the above and comparing it to the other homes, similar in age and size, we will have a great place to start.  Once we determine what that number is, we also consider the unique considerations that are important to you.  The final decision is always yours.  I will serve as your advisor, source of knowledge, experience and professional.  If it is this individualized attention that you would like to have, you should give me a call at (512)560-9318.  Or, if you prefer, send me an email at  I will get back to you with the details you want and need as soon as possible.  I take great pride in being flexible and available to meet the needs of my buyers or sellers.  I would love to hear from you!  Thank you for your interest.

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