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If you’re serious about buying a home, it’s time to pre-qualify, now!  Why?  The reason, is because it is necessary.  Think about it.  If you had your home up for sale and a couple of folks came to look at your home, and they actually wanted to buy it.  The next step for you is to sign the offer-to make it a contract, which means you will now take it off the market, unable to back out, and are totally in the hands of the buyer, unless or until, they actually buy it, or tell you they cannot.  This is a big deal for you the buyer, and it’s a huge deal for the seller!

Tell you they cannot!?!  It happens all the time.  So, the least you would want to do is to have a pre-qualification, or a pre-approval letter from the lender stating he or she is willing to put their reputation on the line and say that this buyer can buy your home.

If this step is not taken, then you as a seller, would have your home off the market for probably 3-4 weeks, missing every other potential buyer that may have wanted to buy the home, and end up not selling your home.  As a seller, you would say, “I don’t want to do that!”  As a buyer, you can say, “If I were a seller, I sure wouldn’t do that.”  Am I right?  This is why you need to get pre-qualified!

Let’s take that a step further….Why would you want to take all that time, energy, and money to look for a home that you will not be able to buy?  If you take it a step further, why would a realtor spend all of his or her time, energy, and money, and not get paid?  (A realtor only gets paid when they complete a transaction to buy or sell, unless they charge a fee.) One step further, why would the realtor give up their opportunity to make money with a person that will actually buy or sell their home? (Unless, they’re your mother.)

But, you may say, this is about me!  And I agree 100%!  This is why I choose to take a step by step approach to this process.  First, let’s determine where you stand, then, let’s look at a targeted time line, with the assistance of a very experienced lender who can tell you exactly the best steps to take to get to the place where you can buy.  During that time, I like to help my potential buyer get an education on what homes they will be able to buy, and what they can get for the money that they can put towards a home.  This I do for my clients by setting up a customized website showing them what homes are out there in the neighborhoods that are possible, so they can get an idea of what they can expect to be able to buy, when the time comes.

Home ownership is a great way to go. It is still a part of the American dream.  The home buying environment is so great to buy right now.  Home prices are still down from what they were just a few years ago, and the interest rates are at the lowest rates in 70 years.  You too can own a piece of the dream.  I would love to help you!  Please call me at (512)560-9318, or email me at  I will get back to you quickly and pride myself in accommodating your very busy schedule.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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