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This is a “bio” and it’s supposed to be about me, but this entire real estate process is really all about you. So, please, as you read through it, think about what this means to you.

First, I have been an active, full time realtor for eight years, and in the area for eighteen. This means that I know what’s going on price-wise and demand-wise, and it changes from month to month. This means I know the market and I know what you need to do to get the best price, whether buying or selling. This doesn’t mean I have a crystal ball, but I am happy to give you all of the information that you need to make the best decision, according to what you want and don’t want. I always want you to make the best decision for you, and advise you accordingly.

I understand that buying a home is a big deal. It is probably your biggest expenditure, and it determines where you will live your life and grow. It is where your family (if you have one), or those near and dear to you, will grow and go to school, work and play. I want you to feel the comfort of being in the right place at the right time, in the neighborhood and the community that supports you. I want you to have the commute that you want, and the activities and the amenities close by, all at a price that you can be comfortable with. Yes, sometimes there is a bit of a trade-off. Which ones work best for you?

I want you to be able to minimize your risk. I want to consider all things, things that you may not have thought of. I want to help you prepare to buy, with looking and financing. I want to help you find the best home for you, and I don’t go away after you close. I network and I can recommend people to fix your fence, your roof, your air conditioner, if/when they go on the fritz even if you’ve lived there for years. If I don’t know the answer, I know where to go to find out, and I do. I continue to take classes so that I am current on new issues as they come up. I do this because I want to help your friends and family, the service and my business.

My past is full of jobs of service. I have years of experience in the field of Human Resources. I can humbly tell you that I have been promoted at every job that I have ever worked, and reached the level of Director of Human Resources at a large company, where I left just as I was about to be promoted again. My degree was in Business Administration & Management, plus about a 1/4 of a degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. (A promotion got in the way of completing.) I also have a good bit of training in art and decorating, and am a proud accredited stager. This comes in handy too.

I live a life in which I can hold my head high every day (though I know that I’m not perfect). I work morally and ethically. I work with my clients’ schedule and understand that folks have busy lives. I have made friends and remain friends with nearly every client that I’ve ever had, and have been called everything from Auntie, to Real Estate Mom (with no bad names, or cuss words- that I know of), and that makes me both happy and proud. I hope that I can serve you too.

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