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Luxury Homes at a Very Affordable Price

Luxury Neighborhood Starting at Lower Than Usual Prices
As a realtor, I have been to plenty of new builder home models and they all have their plus and minuses, for sure.  Most have one or two outstanding features that are above and beyond another builder, whether it be appliances, nice stone fronts, various details, or luxury porches, etc.  But, it is usually just a single feature or two, and another home by another builder likely has another outstanding feature or two.  But, this time, I am taking a moment to blog about this particular builder, because this builder was an overall standout for the price in this particular neighborhood, especially because another builder in the same neighborhood (which also looked very nice) had prices starting far above this particular builder that I’m talking about.
The other pretty fabulous point is that this home did come with many standard features included, that are often considered to be upgrades, and yes, I was impressed with the porch, in addition to the many other features.
This home was sizable too.  (I’m sure that we have all been attracted to the price of a particular home in a particular neighborhood to find that it’s because the house is one of the smallest homes in the neighborhood.)
Last but not least, this particular builder is quite flexible in what they are willing and able to do in customizing details.  You may have come across other builders that will not consider making those little tweaks that you may consider very important to you.
I would love to introduce this builder to you!
May I add that many folks go to a builder without a realtor, because they don’t see the need for one, and it is true that you can buy one of these new homes without one.  HOWEVER, and I hope you understand this point….the folks at the model homes are SALESPEOPLE.  They are 100% employees of the builder, and their very jobs depend on their following the rules of their employers, the  builders.  They are driven by sales numbers, goals, pay and bonuses.  Therefore, by definition, they are looking out for the builders interests first, not yours.  PLUS, and this is VERY IMPORTANT.  ALL SELLERS, INCLUDING BUILDERS, PAY THE REALTOR’S COMMISSION . AND IT IS ACTUALLY ILLEGAL FOR THE BUILDERS TO OFFER YOU A LOWER PRICE FOR THE HOME, IF YOU DO NOT USE A REALTOR.   The reason for this is simple. It is a law that was created for the SOLE PURPOSE of PROTECTING THE CONSUMER.  So, since it is at absolutely no extra cost, wouldn’t you prefer to have a realtor, for the sole reason of looking out for your best interests, and possibly saving you thousands of dollars on what is likely to be the biggest expense that you will ever have your entire life?
It’s very definitely worth considering.  I would very much love to help you through the process of helping you find and buy a home.  I watch my clients like a mother bear.  I’d love to hear from you!

By: Connie Bearfield

Connie Bearfield of True Dream Realty, dedicated friendly service, backed by years of caring experience.